Contact Me

Unfortunately, I can't answer individual questions or give advice through email. I get a lot of emails and can't reply to every one. If I answered all of them, there wouldn't be any time left in the day!

However, if you have a question that may be a good fit for the website, I'll likely create an article for it or it may already be in the works. I'll point you to the proper article if you've asked a question I've already added to the site.

I love hearing from you and welcome your questions, suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism. But don't be mean. This is a loving place; there's no room for hate here.

If you send a compliment, thank you! 😍 We may add it to the website. If you don't want it published, be sure to mention that in your message.

If you find a bad link or a bug I'd be forever grateful to know about it.