About Me

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Hey there. I'm Cara, the owner of Angel Notions. Besides my love of emoji's, 🥰 I'm pretty simple.

Angel Notions is the first esoteric site I've built with numerology, astrology, and tarot cards coming soon.

I've started a numerology site, 9th Crux, but it'll be a while before it's ready.

I started this site about Angel Numbers because there are very few good ones out there. Most of them are messy and not well organized. It was madness trying to find the simplest info and I got fed up. 😒

There are a few good books I've read and I recommend them, but sometimes you just want to look up what you need on the internet, you know? 

The goal is to help you get the angel information you're looking for without the frustration of piecing it together from several sites.

Why Angel Numbers?

It took me a long time to see the messages the Universe was sending me. But once I started paying attention, I've never looked back. And my life has been so much better because of it.

Angels are divine beings that are infinitely good. They love you unconditionally and want you to live in love and light. There is no evil intent and no underlying motives when they send you messages. Angels only want to help.

You don't have to be religious to believe in angels. I'm not. But I whole-heartedly believe in vibrational energy and the power of the Universe. And that's what angel numbers are all about.


If you are seeing angel numbers all the time, that's great! That means your angels want you to know something important. Who wouldn't want to know what that is?!

I'm here when you need me. If there's something missing from the site or a question that hasn't been answered, let me know through our Contact Form.

💞 and 🤗,